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Hunger Games

Get out of my swamp! These were the feuds, breakups, music, movies, etc. Katara should have ended up with Zuko. I said what I said. Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale? Anywhere but here! Would you save Prim or Rue? Three iconic ladies!

Katniss and peeta dating in high school fanfiction

I have returned to the magical world of FanFiction after a very long time, hurrah? Anyway, this is my first fic in a while and it came to me randomly one day. I have no idea if anyone has used this premise before, if so I’m sorry, if not back off! No I’m just kidding :. Basically I was wondering, what if Katniss and Peeta really were ‘star-crossed lovers’? What if they had a secret relationship before the reaping that no one else knew about and if so, how would the storyline change and develop?

We Know If You’d Win Or Lose The Hunger Games Based On The First Date You Plan We’ll Give You An Album To Listen To Based On The Fanfic You Write Do You Belong With Katniss, Peeta, Or Gale From “The Hunger Games”?

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This article originally appeared on Dr. At home, Katniss has a boyfriend, a young man named Gale. Both Katniss and Gale fight against the system in their own way which is increasingly seen as the trilogy continues , and he is always successful at making Katniss feel comforted in a world with no comforts. So why does Katniss later fall for Peeta? Sure, in the first movie she is ambivalent about her feelings for Peeta, the kind-hearted boy with a sexy baby-faced look.

One of the bridges was low and sturdy — very safe. Whenever a man would cross one of these bridges, the woman would pretend to be interested in their answers to a series of questions. But the study was really all about whether the men would be physically attracted to the woman, which the researchers measured by recording how many of the male bridge-crossers called the woman later.

5 Major Plot Points Missing From ‘The Hunger Games’

This question originally appeared on Quora. Cristina Hartmann , Lawyer by day, writer by night. One interesting aspect of Peeta and Katniss’ relationship is the evolution. The two start off as virtual strangers, then they enter into an uneasy friendship that finally progresses into love. When Katniss and Peeta first shake hands at the reaping, they know very little about each other.

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Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. October 11th, , am. Ooops, I tripped and fell into a new fandom. Here, have some recs! OBVIOUSLY – fics so highly recommended by others that anyone interested in this fandom has already read them, but they’re so good that I didn’t want to leave them off the list. This fic is totally twisted and horrible, and yet fits perfectly into canon. It could be a missing scene.

Highly acclaimed for a reason. Katniss killed Peeta in the arena, and now she has to live with herself like every other victor.

Victor’s Village

I have NO business writing new stuff since I have unfinished biz over at Mile High and Stranger Things, but life has been a crapshoot lately and I just want to. Indulge me, please! I want to do this much like I did the 12 Days of Katniss – one short chapter a day until it’s done. Probably 10 total; a new engagement fiasco every chapter. Please let me know what you think!

back into your life just because you’re lonely. This is my favorite picture. Fanfic / Fanfiction If You Stay – Capítulo 9 – Ressaca Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman.

This takes place after Mockingjay. Plot: Katniss and Peeta are getting very close making Gale jelous. It has been a year. A full year since I lost my sister Prim. I reach her gravestone which is covered in dried grass. On the tomb stone it says ‘in loving memoray of Primrose Everdeen, lovely daugther and sister. Will sadly be missed’ A tear drops onto the floor. A bed of grass, a soft green pillow. Lay down your heart and close your eyes and when they open the sun will rise.

Here it’s safe and here it’s warm here the daisies gaurd you from every harm.

Does Katniss Truly Love Peeta?

The two begin as friends but it becomes more complicated as time goes on as it becomes increasingly apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss. He eventually admits to loving her and the two even share a few kisses, but in the end, Katniss winds up with Peeta because she can’t get past the idea that Gale may have inadvertently caused Prim’s death. Even though the main love interest for Gale was Katniss, it’s possible that he could have wound up dating someone else from the series.

The following list details some of the choices. The majority of fans have a preference between one pairing or the other but what if Katniss wasn’t in the equation? In that case, it’s possible that Peeta and Gale could have been together.

Katniss is dating Marvel and finds out he cheated on her with Glimmer. She in turn cheats on him with Peeta (with whom she has an acrimonious.

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Katniss And Peeta Dating Fanfiction

Okay, so I may not be a big livejournal user, but I am a big fanfiction reader albeit secretly and after my laptop crashed, I lost all of my favorite bookmarked fics. So, for my own posterity, and because I know how freaking hard it is to find good HG fics on this planet, I present to thee my rather long rec list. Enjoy, and if you think there’s anything that should be on here that isn’t, message me so I can either a remember it, or b read it for the first time.

Hey guys, I found some Hunger Games fanfiction outside of this burger joint. Caesar was elated. Given the Peeta drew Katniss to him and placed his hands upon her butt. With a gentle smile, What it’s like dating in my 30s · Post image.

Welcome back, beautiful unicorns, as we make the final U. Passion decision! What a crazy few weeks this has been–did anyone think Buffy and Angel would be ousted by Pacey and Joey with a mere seven votes? Good for my bracket, bad for my anxiety. This week, we’re looking at fanfiction. Although I don’t read or write fanfic myself not since I was an actual teen , I think it’s one of the highest compliments someone can pay a book or movie.

It’s also a pretty clear way to see which parts of the work that fans were dissatisfied with, and want to “solve. If you don’t know or want to know how these ships end up, scroll down to the poll! For a lot of us, Pacey and Joey were the obvious endgame in Dawson’s Creek or we would have marched down to the WB offices and rioted. Even when Pacey grew an ill-advised goatee hurl , and Joey dated Douchey Oliver, we knew their enemistry was still sizzling right below the surface.

A keeta love story

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I am Katniss Everdeen. I won the 74 th and 75 th Hunger Games with Peeta Mellark. My sister Primrose died of bombs in the Capitol. I’m not sure if it was the Capitol’s bombs or Gale’s bombs. Gale and I haven’t talked in a few years. I live in victors village with Haymitch Abernethy and Peeta Mellark. Peeta Mellark just asked me on a date. So many things raced through my head. Him proposing to me before The Quarter Quell. Us agreeing that it was fake.

The Creepiest Hunger Games Fan Fiction We Could Find On The Internet

Don’t worry, our submission box will stay open. Prompt 4: Modern AU where katniss is a wedding planner and peeta is the caterer and her ex. Prompt 6: Desperate petite Katniss takes a job jumping out of a cake.

Katniss loved that Peeta was always ready to do whatever she asked. I already had a date, and then you offered to be that date so I wouldn’t.

Subscriber Account active since. However, after leaving the theaters, despite the cheers and praise, we noticed there were five huge plot details missing from the film that need to be addressed in the follow-up. It was so bad, the Capitol deemed his leg unsaleable, hacked it off and replaced it with an artificial one. No one told us either. When Caesar asks Peeta how his new leg is working out. Yes, my right ear can hear again, although it’s still ringing. As for my left ear, well, at least the bleeding has stopped.

I don’t know what the explosion did, but it damaged something deep and irreparable. The film can easily write this point out, but we find it interesting that the main character went deaf at all. Unfortunately, there were some crucial details in this minute moment. Think again. Originally, there were 13 districts; however, when the inhabitants attempted to rebel against the Capitol, the government decided to make an example of them by destroying their district and anyone living there.

the hunger games II close to you

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